Network Marketing Mastery

Academy Programme

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Accelerate Your Network Marketing Business.

+ Are you a multi-level marketer?

+ Who is fed up with your current results in your business, not understanding why... you're taking the right action but seeing little to no results? 

+ Maybe you grew quickly reached a certain point and plateaued... wondering if there is more? 

+ You have just started your business and know that you want to build a legacy for years to come? 

If you answered yes... then this programme is exactly where you need to be!


My signature 12-week programme.


A programme to help maximize your success in your multi-level marketing business and take it to new heights that you could only dream of.  

This program is uniquely and powerfully designed to take your business through quantum leaps that will aid you in reaching your goals and achieving your dreams.  


Whether that is from a senior level to a higher level or a newbie just starting out, supporting everyone uniquely as they grow and scale their businesses.

Harnessing the power within us, utilizing the bases of a coaching method that has seen success globally, and seen thousands of success stories.


ONLY £147

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+ Open Q&A sessions designed to deepen your awareness of the lessons and material being studied. 

+ All sessions are live and include a workbook for the duration of the course

*Can't make a live session?  All sessions are recorded and sent over to course members

+ Access to personal accountability groups for your support during our 12 weeks together 

+ Universal key success principles to help propel your business forward

+ One private consultation session with myself included in your registration to use throughout the programme

+ Bonuses and giveaways throughout our programme that you are going to want to have and incorporate into your business

+ Your own sales technique with a proven value system to intergrate into your business 

+ And so much more!

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ONLY £147

+ Growth in creating a success mindset with changed thinking

+ Learn how to use some of your key mental assets which are hidden from you

+ Increased awareness of whom you are related to your business

+ Increased confidence to build a bigger and stronger team

+ Bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be with practical steps

+ Understand what holds you back in your business and breakthrough this

+ Have a very clear and defined stretch goal for the duration of the programme

+ Understand and implement the success principles to achieve your goal

+ Receive simple strategies to build your business – beyond traditional methods

+ Learn the antidote to procrastination and fear

+ Learn how to set your own standards and live by them

+ Learn and apply the key ingredients for ensuring success

The Benefits:

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Hear What Others Are Saying:

"This programme has sessions jam packed where Mandy pours out words of wisdom on how to get your mind right and stay focused.  Every session you asked me to draw out a new perspective of seeing my results and how to improve.  I was given actionable steps and the homework meant I could always find areas to develop in myself.  The accountability group was a great idea, everyone in my group has grown and we continue to meet weekly. All three of us in my group have stepped up, being more visible and creative in our thinking, and we’ve formed a great space for supporting each other and generating ideas.

I have so many notes which I can keep revisiting as I reach new levels of success and expand as a person. 

I cannot think of a single suggestion for improvement. I look forward to every Sunday session!'

- Tamara





"Being mentored by Mandy on the Network Marketer's Mastery Academy Programme opened my eyes to see the reasons for my 'setbacks' in life.  The teaching and guidance offered by her has allowed me to focus on cultivating good habits that are now taking me to the dreams that I had long retired as failed ones. 

With her teaching on goal-achieving habits I'm now on the trajectory to seeing those dreams come to life and, might I add, in a shorter time than when I first had the dream." 

- Alicia P


ONLY £147

If you are ready to commit to your multi-level marketing business, yourself, and your team then now is the time to invest in yourself and take action to achieve that next level! 

If you are ready to infuse positivity and abundance into your business the time is now to join us and step onto the path with an experienced coach in both multi-level marketing and success.

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No matter the rank you have achieved in your MLM business... this programme is a tool that is beneficial at any level. 

Most of the time we all operate with the same internal conditioned programme that keeps us within limited results according to that programme, just think if you could access a new programme by just 1% your results could be phenomenal.


All successful people have an open mind to consider new ideas beyond their current thinking, so even successful people have a ‘blind spot’. Time to uncover this blind spot and discover a new you, a version of you that you didn’t even know existed.

ONLY £147

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Get To Know Mandy:

Mandy is a high-level mindset and development expert in human potential and success. She has worked alongside Bob Proctor (star of The Secret), who has tremendously impacted her career. Mandy has twenty years of experience in working with individuals and organizations in transformational change for success and prosperity. You can count on Mandy to deliver straight to the heart of the matter so you can create the true success you deserve.